Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me Me Me

Last evening I finally figured out a new word that I have been hearing all my life:  "me."  Whenever my mommy and daddy show me photographs on their iPhone, I have been able to tell them I'm seeing "ma-ma" or "da-da," but I've never known how to name that super-cute little boy that's in almost every picture.  I've never said the word "Rocket" that they named me, because I haven't seen the point.  I know who I am.

But last night, daddy took our story time before bed and showed me photos.  And he kept saying, "that's you" and "that's me" as we flipped through them.  So, when I saw a picture of daddy, I said "me!" because that's what he had been saying.  Ans when I saw a picture of the little boy, I said "you."  Daddy said, "no, not quite."

"You would say 'that's me' (pointing to me) and you would say 'that's you,' (pointing to himself).  And I would say 'me' (pointing to himself) and 'you' (pointing to me)."  I was totally confused.  Finally, I just tried the opposite of what I'd been doing, and the next time he showed me a photo of me, I said "me!"  "Yesss!!!" daddy said excitedly as he gave me a big hug and an rub on the head.  He kept showing me photos of me, and over and over he hugged me and patted my head whenever I said "me."  I still didn't get it, but at least I know that I like hugs!

So then he showed me a picture of mommy, so again I said "me!"  "No," daddy said, "that's mommy."  This is harder than I thought.  Ten or 15 minutes later, at least I knew the difference between "ma-ma," "da-da," and "me."  I can work with this for now.

Mommy came in to put me to bed a few minutes later, and she got excited, too, each time I said "me."  So, I think I'm onto something.  I'll keep trying this new word and see what's next.

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