Friday, June 19, 2009


Today I was jumping up and down on the bed in our guest room when dad walked in.  I started running and bouncing down the bed to give him a hug, when I missed a step and tumbled off the bed headfirst onto the floor.  Clonk!  I lay there dazed for a few seconds, my eyes slighly crossed as I came back to my senses.  Dad picked me up immediately, and then I started crying.  It hurt!  Mommy rushed in and held me, and within about two minutes I was done crying and ready to start playing again.  I have a little red bump on my forehead, up by my hair, but other than that I feel perfectly fine.

I think I scared my dad.  My neck bent way back when I hit the floor, which was fine with me, but I suppose dad's not used to seeing that.  He said it's hard to be a father sometimes when you see these things.  Mommy says that having me is like having her heart run around outside her body.

I'm fine, and I can't wait to jump on the bed again tomorrow!

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