Thursday, December 4, 2008


I went to Ian's eighth birthday dinner/party tonight, right next door. We had two kinds of shrimp and soba and veggies.

But, I'm a little embarrassed to say, I went completely nuts when I had some chocolate cupcake and some vanilla ice cream. I think should eat this stuff every meal, every day! I don't ever remember enjoying something as much as I did our dessert tonight!

Mom says the chocolate has caffeine in it, whatever that is. She says it's in the coffee she and daddy drink every day (like it's going out of style or something), so I don't see what the big deal is. But, they wouldn't give me any more cupcake after a point. Oh well, maybe I'll see something like that again some day. I hope so!


Today I had something my dad calls a "conversation" with him. I sat in me comfy car seat in the back of the van, while he drove. He would say "Bye Bye," so naturally I said "Bye Bye" back to him. Then, for whatever reason (I don't know), he would say "Uh Oh," so I said "Uh Oh." Then he said "No No," so I said "No No." This game went on and on as we drove around town. I didn't get tired of it at all. And it's the first time I have played for so long with him. He says these are my first words. Maybe. I think he remembers that I said "Up!" when I was just a kid, about 6 months old. But for some reason I think he doesn't think that counts any more.

I heard somewhere that kids like me, once we start talking, learn as many as ten words a day from the time we start talking until we are three or so years old. Bring it! I've got lots to say, and this mute thing I've got going on isn't really working for me.


Mom has been doing what she calls "signing" with me: "milk," "more." Today I decided to sign something very close to "more" to her. She loved it! This is easier than talking right now, so maybe I'll say more with my hands until my mouth works better.