Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Words

I'm starting to put two words together once in a while:  "Bye bye, dada" or "No, mama."  I like being able to say more things more quickly, too.  I know all the words in my sign language book.  Even though I know the sign for sorry (a closed fist making circles on my chest), I prefer to open the book and point to the drawing of a toddler making the sign; I can communicate that way just as easily as making the sign myself.

Talking is fun, and mommy and daddy talk to me a lot every day.  I can understand most everything they say, even if I don't like it or don't want to do what they're asking me.  I know, for example, that they ask me not to climb up on the dining table, but I do anyway sometimes, because it's fun!

I wonder what comes after two words.  I'm not sure yet, but I'm looking forward to it, whatever it is.

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