Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Just Electricity

Dad worked on his computer in my room this evening, and when he was done, he pulled the cord out of the wall socket and went downstairs.  But he forgot to put the plastic safety plug back in.

No problem.  After my bath, I found the plug and decided I would help by putting it back in for him.  No big deal, right?  Well, when dad noticed what I was doing (he told me that I had "gone quiet" for a few seconds), he nearly had a fit.  I've never seen him move across a room so fast (and this was after I crashed off the bed this afternoon)!  "No!" he yelled at me.

I just looked at him.  I knew I wasn't supposed to play with the outlet or the safety plug, but I figured that dad might let me this time.  Or, maybe if I stopped moving he wouldn't be able to see me any more.  That didn't work.  He took the plug out of my hand and plugged it in.  That's all I was trying to do!  Why couldn't he let me do that???  This world can be a confusing place.

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