Friday, July 10, 2009


In the past week, I have done some new things for the first time:
  • played LEGOs with my dad
  • ate Indian food (aloogobi, tarka dahl, naan bread, mixed veggie currie, veggie samosas ... I loved it all!)
  • said "Joel" and "Maria" (I've been saying "da-da" and "ma-ma" for a long time now)
  • helped carry groceries from the van to the house (I carried the huge bag of corn chips; I love 'em!)
  • started saying multiple words at one go, like "Wa-wa eye" tonight in my bath when water got in my eyes.  Did you know that you can put multiple words together and say much more interesting things than a single word at a time will allow?  I like where this is going!
I wonder what's next.  I'm going to sleep now, and can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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