Saturday, July 25, 2009


Tonight I watched my daddy flossing his teeth. This made me want to have my teeth flossed. So, for the first time, daddy flossed my teeth. It wasn't difficult and it didn't hurt at all. My teeth are very small and there's plenty of space between them for the little string. (Right now I have my four front teeth up top, four in front on bottom, four molars, and on the tops my canine teeth poked through the skin just this week. They have a ways to go to be fully descended.) I liked flossing so much I asked for more, twice!

My teeth are clean and bright. Daddy brushes them every day, even when my gums hurt so much it makes me cry and drool. How does he get me to cooperate? He sings me silly little songs that I think he just makes up on the spot. They're very entertaining, and they make me laugh. It's very difficult to keep crying and resist his brushing when I am laughing so hard! And, I like that, when he finishes brushing my teeth, he tells me he's very proud of me and he kisses me all over my face. :)

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