Thursday, July 23, 2009

More New Things

Yesterday I did a couple things for the first time: I kicked a ball back and forth with mommy. Admittedly I bent down and stopped the balls coming toward me with my hand, which I sense is somehow against some rules somewhere, but I don't care. Once I stop the ball, I can kick it right back to mommy. I like this.

Also I sat on the bed with daddy and he held the back of one of his hands with his other hand. He lifted his wrists and bent the hand he was holding in what he called a "stretch". So I tried it too. He did a lot of different stretches, but I only figured out the first one. He said this was "aikido." I have known the word "do-jo" for a long time, so now I'm starting to learn what he does there at his dojo.

Oh, and I learned a new word yesterday: "yawn." You say it, and I can do it!


PS, Today I sat on the couch and ate ice cream with my dad. I've never done that before! It was delicious, and made me say "more, more, more" (with my hand signals) over and over. To top it all off, we watched Bert and Ernie videos too!

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