Thursday, March 20, 2008

6 month milestones

Attention world! I can roll over, eat food, and I have my first tooth emerging (bottom left, if you care to know). I am pretty excited about it all - except the tooth - which doesn't feel so great. Mom and dad say I'll get a whole bunch of them and then be able to chew on some yummy stuff. Right now mom mashes everything up into a runny paste. I am already a big fan of sweet potatoes, avocados, and rice cereal. The rolling over thing is pretty cool too. I love to hang out on my tummy and play with my toys, pull mom's hair, or play with dad's beard. Now that I spend so much time on my tummy the flat spot on the back of my head is becoming round. Phew! I didn't want to go around my whole life with a flat spot!

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