Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Else?

Big day today.

This morning I went to my first funeral.  A friend of my daddy lost his brother in a car accident a few days ago.  I was feeling quite happy and excited all morning, on the drive, and walking into the funeral home, but as soon as I saw everyone in the reception room, I got very quiet, put my head on daddy's shoulder, and didn't move or say a word for about 10 minutes while daddy talked to his friend.  I felt that a lot of people were sad.

Before we left, daddy and I stopped to look at some signs and pictures that the six-year-old daughter of the guy that died had put together.  I pointed to several hearts that had been glued on the board and said "heart" over and over.  Daddy hugged me.

This evening, mommy and daddy and I walked (OK, I was in the stroller) down to Oakhurst to watch a guy daddy knows (he was introduced to me as Garrett) play guitar and sing.  Mommy and daddy ordered beers, and I sat in my high chair and looked around the room at everything.  An accordion, the guy's guitar, the coasters.

Then I got thirsty.  So I pulled on daddy's arm.  When he leaned down to listen to me, I said "juice!  bubbies!"  (That means "bubbles", which is bubble water.)  So daddy got up and got me a plastic cup of cranberry juice and soda water from the guy working the bar.  I had never had cranberry juice before, but after the first sip which made me pucker up a little, I drank the rest of it no problem.  Daddy thinks I'm a big boy now for going to a bar, hanging out, and ordering my own drink!

When Garrett started singing, I listened to everything he sang, and I even started singing along with him.  And when he said he had written one of the songs about his daughter before she was born, I turned to mommy and daddy and said "baby!"  "That's right!" they told me; "this song is about a baby!"

Today it was a funeral and a bar, ordering drinks and singing.  What else is out there for me to learn about?

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