Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grocery Adventure

Two nights ago on Thursday mommy and daddy took me to Trader Joe's for our weekly shopping trip.  Only this time, for the first time, they let me walk around the store instead of riding in the cart.  How great is this!  Daddy pushed the cart, and mommy went around taking things down off the shelves and handing them to me.  I would then run over to the cart and reach up and drop the things into the basket.  Over and over and over I did this.  It may qualify as one of the funnest things I've ever done!  Mommy and daddy smiled a lot watching me, but they got a little bit concerned when I chose a few items on my own to put in the cart.  They took those things out and put them back where they came from.  Hey, at least I tried!

Mommy seemed to get doubly concerned when I selected a few choice items to take off the shelves and put into other people's carts!  I mean, the point of shopping is to put things into carts, right?  Maybe there's more to it, but who cares?!  I love this new way to be in the grocery store!

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