Friday, May 2, 2008

Sitting Up

This morning I went with my mom and dad to the Half Day Cafe in Kentfield. And for the first time they put me in this thing they called a 'high chair'. They stuffed the Ergo sling behind my back so I would not slump backwards, and they drew the chair right up to the edge of their table. For most of an hour I sat with them as they had their late breakfast. (It looked like they enjoyed it a lot, but I did not get a taste.)

It was great to sit and chat with them for so long. I felt like I am no longer just a little baby that lies around. I can push myself around on the floor, sometimes with my arms, sometimes with my knees and feet. (Mom and dad think I can do three or four yoga poses, whatever that means.) I can spin around when I am on the hardwood, and I can really move around when I am up on the bed. I even got so close to the edge that I fell off onto the rug on the floor earlier this week. Ouch! That made me cry for a while. But I am OK now.

I can sit up now, too, but I need to be on a soft surface or have a big person close by. I do not always stay upright. I still tend to fall over to the side or backwards, so my head needs to not hit anything hard or dangerous. I think that before too much longer I will be able to sit up without any help.

I like my body and all the things I can do with it!

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