Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Visit to the Dojo

I went to Aikido of Marin (Fairfax, CA) last Saturday to visit when Vianey Villela from City Aikido in San Francisco came to train in the kids class.

I have been to the dojo before, though. When mommy and daddy brought me home from the hospital three days after I was born, we stopped by Aikido of Marin. Richard Moon was teaching his annual seminar, and the whole class gathered round to see me and to welcome me into the world. I went to the dojo even before I went home.

I like the dojo, all the people tumbling and rolling. I like it almost as much as I like the rocket blanket mommy made for me.

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David Ciancutti said...


You are really cute and cool. I am going to enjoy watching you grow up. I am hopeful when you are a little older, we can have lunch together.
David, work colleague at Qube. I work with your Dad.