Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3 month birthday - message from my mom

Dear Rocket,

Today is your three month birthday - which means it is about a year from the date you were conceived up at Orr Hot Springs. You have come such a long way from that little zygote. I am amazed by your progress. Right now you are sitting up (propped with pillows) on the couch fascinated by your hands which are flying in front of your face like lightening bugs. You make the most wonderful sounds - joyful screeches, playful coos, and funny conversational babbles. This morning we danced around the living room listening to mommy's new Alicia Keys CD - daddy accompanied her on the piano - you laughed and smiled the whole time. You are such a sweet little man! Everyone notices you where ever we go - they peer in at you cocooned in your stroller and remark on your extreme cuteness. We are so glad that you picked us to be your parents!

I love you,


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